About Us

Delizie delle Fate means Love, Passion and Sharing.

Love for fine cuisine and quality products…
Passion for Italy and its tradition…
Sharing unique moments with your family and friends…
Combining different tastes and enhancing flavors is an art…
choosing excellence in quality is a masterpiece!

Delizie delle Fate patiently researches Italy’s typical regional products,
chooses them based on their origin and carefully selects them
after extensive tasting to offer you the very best.

Respecting Italy’s regional tradition, Delizie delle Fate creates “Tables
consisting of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert,
creating just the right match of products and suggesting the best way
to savor them together with a selection of wines, liqueurs, herbal infusions and accessories.

For you, Delizie delle Fate also creates ready-to-serve “Courses”… nothing to add… nothing forgotten.

You may choose whether to purchase an “Appetizer”, a “Main course” or a “Dessert
from a specific Italian region, or the full “Table”, while you may also taste and compare
two or more similar “courses” from different regions.

In the “Pantry” you can find all the single products for you to complement or freely create your culinary event.

Delizie delle Fate wishes you an excellent meal. Enjoy!