Upon receipt of the goods, the CUSTOMER must immediately check the condition of the goods, and ensure they are as ordered.

All complaints regarding discrepancies between the product ordered and the product received, including those relating to the quantity and/or outer appearance, must be notified to the carrier in writing and notice must be given to UNICA within 3 (three) days from the receipt. In the contrary case, the claim will not be considered valid and even those claims relating to missing goods will not be taken into consideration, since both parties accepts as valid the details that appear on the transport document and/or the accompanying invoice.

Any hidden defects of flaws must be reported in writing, within 8 (eight) days from discovery, otherwise the claim will be invalid.

The CUSTOMER must allow UNICA to carry out all on-site checks required to assess the claim. In all cases, returns can be made only with the written consent of UNICA. If no agreement has been reached in this regard, the products returned will be kept available to the CUSTOMER at his own risk, and transport, storage and maintenance expenses will be charged to the CUSTOMER. In all cases, products will be returned from UNICA to the CUSTOMER at the risk and at the expense of the CUSTOMER.