Set per Fonduta di Formaggio Zoom

Set for Cheese Fondue

Weight and dimensions without packaging: 2.5 kg; 35 x 32 x 18 cm.
Description: This elegant and practical set with a pleasing design is ideal for enjoying a typical fondue from Valle d’Aosta with your family or friends. It is composed of a thermostat-controlled heating base that can be plugged into a power outlet, a two-liter capacity ceramic pot into which you will pour the contents of your jar ofValle d'Aosta fondueto keep it warm, and six small forks for dipping chunks of bread into the cream. Don’t forget to add “Fumin”, a delicious traditional Valle d'Aosta red wine, to your table! Producer: Princess Household Appliances B.V.
Conservation: Unplug after use and allow to cool, then remove the ceramic pot from the heating base and wash together with the forks using water and detergent. Rinse, dry and store in its original package.



44,90 €