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Truffle Salami (2 x 80 gr)

Weight:   2 x 80 gr. (approx.) vacuum pack.
Ingredients:   Italian pork, salt, dextrose, flavorings, spices, 2% black truffle (tuber aestivum). Preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite. Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate.
Description:   The black truffle is minced in flakes and mixed with selected meats and tanned according to the traditional recipe. Here comes the Truffle Salami, fragrant and genuine, left to mature during the two slow phases of eliminating excess moisture first and resting at a constant temperature then. It is a product of excellence of Piedmontese gastronomy.
Conservation:   Wrap in a damp cloth or wax paper and refrigerate at +2/4°C after opening.



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