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Italian Pasta and Sauces

Italian Pasta and Sauces

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  • WILD BOAR RAGU' (225 gr)
  • GENOESE PESTO (180 gr)
  • EGG TAGLIATELLE (250 gr)
  • TUSCAN PICI PASTA (500 gr)


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  • Egg Tagliatelle - 250 gr
    Egg Tagliatelle - 250 gr


    Weight:   250 gr. package.
    Ingredients:   Durum wheat bran, 33% eggs. Contains eggs and wheat flour with gluten. No coloring and preservatives added.
    Description:   The tagliatelle are prepared following traditional recipes, with semolina and eggs, keeping the thin sheet. Delicious paired with meat sauce and game. Cooking time: 3/4 minutes.
    Conservation:   Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

  • Porcini Mushroom Sauce
    Porcini Mushroom Sauce


    Weight:   215 gr. glass jar.
    Ingredients:   Tomatoes, onions, wine, mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, parsley.
    Description:   The Porcino mushroom is harvested in Piedmont forests of oak and chestnut and in the high mountain beech-woods and fir forests. It is carefully cleaned and selected before cooking. The final result is an extremely tasty sauce, characterized by the high quantity of Porcini mushrooms used. It can be added directly on the pasta or tasted on toasted bread bruschetta.
    Conservation:   Refrigerate at +2/4°C after opening.

  • Pesto alla Genovese
    Genoese Pesto


    Weight: 180 gr glass jar.
    Ingredients: DOP Genoese Basil from the Ligurian Riviera, extra-virgin olive oil, DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, garlic, pine nuts.
    Description: Prepared raw - according to the traditional recipe - using fresh Genoese basil, this exquisite Ligurian sauce is a perfect match for trofiette with just a trickle of extra-virgin olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
    Conservation: Refrigerate at +2/4°C after opening.

  • Trofiette
    Ligurian Trofiette


    Weight: 500 gr. pack.
    Ingredients: Durum wheat flour.
    Description: Smaller than "Trofie", "Trofiette" are a typical long and thin Ligurian pasta. The name is said to come from the Genoese strufuggiâ ("to rub"), the movement of the hand forming the typical curl while working the dough on the table. They are ideal with pesto, to which a trickle of extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese can be added. Cooking time: 20 minutes.
    Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

  • Wild Boar sauce
    Wild Boar sauce


    Weight: 180 gr. glass jar.
    Ingredients: Wild boar meat (55%), pork meat, beef meat, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, herbs, salt, pepper, spices. Gluten free and without preservatives.
    Description:   The wild boar sauce has a delicious and very intense flavor and it can also bring out the simplest dishes. It goes very well with polenta and pasta, especially tagliatelle and pappardelle. Discover the authentic flavor of Tuscan tradition!
    Conservation: Refrigerate at +2/4°C after opening.

  • Pici pasta
    Tuscan Pici pasta


    Weight:   500 gr. package.
    Ingredients:   Durum wheat, water. Contains gluten.
    Description:   Homemade pasta typical of southern Tuscany, the Pici are similar to spaghetti but wider. The traditional recipe is simple: water, flour and salt. The preparation consists in "appiciare", that is working the dough by hand, until you create a long but full-bodied spaghetti. Classic pairing with red ragout of game (wild boar, hare, deer). Cooking time: 7 minutes.
    Conservation:   Store in a cool, dry place after opening.