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Luxury Piedmont specialties

Luxury Piedmont specialties

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  • CASTELMAGNO  (300  gr)
  • TRUFFLE SALAMI  (100 gr)
  • EGG TAGLIOLINI  (250 gr)


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  • Gelatina di Dolcetto
    Dolcetto Wine Jelly


    Weight: 110 gr. glass jar.
    Ingredients: Doc Langhe Dolcetto wine, brown sugar, pectin.
    Description: This jelly is made with Dolcetto, a traditional Piedmontese red table wine. In order to preserve the flavor and fragrance of the raw material, the production process is entirely by hand. A good match for semi-aged and aged cheeses, Castelmagno and Carboncino.
    Conservation: Refrigerate at +2/4°C after opening.

  • Truffle Mini Barot
    Truffle Salami


    Weight: 100 gr. (approx.) vacuum pack.
    Ingredients: Italian pork, salt, dextrose, flavorings, spices, 2% black truffle (tuber aestivum). Preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite. Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate.
    Description: In the Langa dialect, the “Barot” is the stick used to find truffles, but it also means “farmer”. Thus a word that expresses unconditional love for the land. From this passion, Barot is born, a salami stuffed into small and thin gut casings that matures rapidly. Here it is presented in its "mini" version flavored with truffles, ideal served as an appetizer along with mushrooms and vegetables in oil.
    Conservation: Wrap in a damp cloth or wax paper and refrigerate at +2/4°C after opening.

  • Egg Tagliolini - 250 gr
    Egg Tagliolini - 250 gr


    Weight: 250 gr. package.
    Ingredients: Durum wheat bran, 33% eggs. Contains eggs and wheat flour with gluten. No coloring and preservatives added.
    Description: From the heart of Piedmont, “Tajarin” are prepared following traditional recipes with wheat and eggs, keeping the dough thin and cut irregularly to fully absorb all types of sauces. Serve together with delicious black truffle sauce and oil flavored with white truffles from Alba. Cooking time: 3/4 minutes.
    Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

  • Nebbiolo d'Alba
    Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC "Ochetti"


    Vintage:   2015
    75 cl. glass bottle.
    Description:   Historical wine of the Piedmontese tradition, slightly ruby red in color. Fragrance is subtle, delicate and persistent, reminiscent of wild strawberry and raspberry. Pleasantly bitter, velvety, light and full at the same time. Comes mainly from sandy soil, giving it great elegance and an intense aroma. A perfect match for aged cheeses, cheese fondue and “tajarin” with truffle. Producer: Renato Ratti.
    Conservation:   Store in a cool, dry place and protect from sunlight.

  • Castelmagno
    Castelmagno - 300 gr


    Weight:   300 gr. (approx.) vacuum packed slice.
    Ingredients:   Whole raw cow milk, salt, rennet.
    Description:   Semi-fatty, semi-aged, semi-hard and crumbly, Castelmagno is a typical Piedmontese cheese of historical importance, produced in the district of Cuneo with cow milk and with the occasional addition of sheep and goat milk. Aging takes place in natural and dry places, or in caves. It is used in Piedmontese cuisine to prepare various dishes, especially potato gnocchi served with melted Castelmagno cheese on top. It is also delicious as an appetizer with select Piedmont cheeses followed by Cognà from Alba, by Moscato and Dolcetto wine jellies and truffle flavored honey.
    Conservation:   Refrigerate at +2/4 after opening.

  • Sale alle Erbe Aromatiche
    Salt flavored with Aromatic Herbs


    Weight: 90 gr glass jar.
    Ingredients: Sea salt 95%, aromatic herbs 5% (chili pepper, basil, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sage in variable proportions).
    Description: Natural rock sea salt, dried and flavored with aromatic herbs. A taste enhancer with any dish, ideal for salads, pasta sauces and meat or fish dishes.Production area: Imperia (Liguria).
    Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

  • Tartufo Nero di Langa
    Black chocolate Truffle


    Weight: 200 gr. pack.
    Ingredients: IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk powder, emulsifier, sugar, vanillin. May contain traces of flour. Allergens: hazelnut.
    Descriptions: Soft and delicious little bites of dark chocolate and IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, also known as "tondi e gentili delle Langhe" for their sweetness and their markedly round shape. Black truffles of the Langa are delicious after meals together with a good digestive such as Amaro San Simone or a hot Verbena herbal infusion.
    Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place after opening.