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Nocino liqueur from Puglia

Weight: 20 cl. glass bottle.
Description: This exquisite liqueur is produced using unripe walnuts picked in early summer while still very tender. The walnuts are then washed in running water, cut in slices, packed in jars, fully covered in sugar and left to soak in the sun. Alcohol is finally added to start the maceration process. The resulting liqueur is thick, brilliant brown, clear and with an intense and persistent walnut fragrance, rich in consistency and with a primary walnut flavor resulting from a harmonious combination of all its components. Best served straight at a temperature of 16-18 °C, as a digestive after meals, together with traditional sweets from Puglia. Producer: Terra Noscia Srl.
Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place and protect from sunlight after opening.

18 Not for sale to people under the age of 18. Moderate consumption is recommended.



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