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Parma ham

Weight:   2 kg (approx.) vacuum pack.
Ingredients:   Pork meat, salt.
Description:   Raw ham with a sweet and refined flavor, it is a low-calorie dish with an intense flavor. The only preservative permitted by the specification is salt. The stages of rearing and fattening of the animals as well as the subsequent treatment and seasoning are regulated and guaranteed by the consortium. Only very heavy legs are used (fresh weigh between 12 and 13 kg). It is also called sweet ham as a low amount of salt is added during processing. The salting is accompanied by a short period of rest in cold storage and followed by the sprinkling of a fine adrenal fat, the suet, made from pork. This guarantees a slow drying, so the grocer can season the leg for a long time (minimum 12 months), adding a little salt.
Conservation:   Refrigerate at +2/4°C.



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