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Bagna Cauda sauce

Weight:   1 glass jar of 130 gr.
Description:   The bagna cauda is a typical recipe of the Langhe, prepared with garlic, anchovies and olive oil and is used as a sauce in which to dip cooked and raw vegetables of the autumn season. Traditionally it was prepared during gatherings and dinners with friends and for this reason it has become the symbolic dish of friendship and joy. The name derives from the Piedmontese dialect: “bagna” means sauce or sauce, “cauda” stands for hot: therefore hot sauce. Our Bagna Cauda is ready to be tasted: it will be sufficient to heat it in special terracotta or copper containers with a flame underneath that keeps the sauce warm and then, after adding a drizzle of olive oil, dip the vegetables.

Ingredients:   Garlic, olive oil, anchovies, salt.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr:

Energy value 1369 kj / 326 kcal
Lipids 28 gr (of which saturated 0.7 gr)
Carbohydrates 17 gr (of which sugars 2 gr)
Protein 9.5 gr
Salt 0,6 gr
Conservation:   After opening, store in the refrigerator at + 2/4° C.



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