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Raclette Cheese - 3.5 kg (half form)

Weight:   3.5 kg half wheel about, vacuum packed.
Description:   The raclette cheese contains all the rich mountain flavor and the traditional production method guarantees an incomparable taste, thanks to a maturing period of at least 60 days. Heat it in slices in the special raclette set, until soft and creamy, then pour it over the boiled red-skinned potatoes and enjoy it with salami, vegetables and porcini mushrooms in oil. Raclette is a dish to eat in company, with friends and relatives, for a quick but very original and tasty dinner!
Ingredients:   Cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments. Preservative on the rind. Inedible rind. Allergens: milk.
Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr:
Energy value 1492 kj / 357 kcal
Lipids 29.01 gr (of which saturated 17.87 gr)
Carbohydrates 0,55 gr (of which sugars 0,45 gr)
Protein 23.23 gr
Salt 1.38 gr
Conservation:   Store in the refrigerator at + 2/4 ° C.



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