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Red Myrtle liqueur of Sardinia

Weight:   70 cl. glass bottle.
Ingredients:  Alcohol, sugar, infusion of red Myrtle berries.
Description:   Myrtle berries, which grow in the unspoiled places of the Sardinian countryside, are harvested by hand once matured and then put into alcoholic infusion where they remain for a few months. Subsequently the infusion is poured and the berries are squeezed to extract all the aromas. The liqueur is prepared by adding sugar to the infusion. After filtration and reduction of alcohol content up to 30% vol, the myrtle liqueur is ready and, after having passed a careful organoleptic examination, is bottled. The taste is soft and velvety and preserves intact the delicate aromas of the myrtle.
Conservation:   Store in a cool, dry place and protect from sunlight.

18 Not for sale to people under the age of 18. Moderate consumption is recommended.



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