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Sicilian Oregano

Weight:   1 glass jar of 10 gr.
Description:   Oregano is an aromatic plant typical of Mediterranean countries. With drying it retains its aroma which is even stronger and more concentrated. It is a powerful natural antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties that make it the most powerful natural antiseptic. It is used as a spice to flavor numerous dishes: salads, vegetables, meat, fish and pasta. Region of production: Sicily.

Ingredients:   Oregano.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr:

Energy value 1108.76 kj / 265 kcal

Lipids 4.28 g (of which saturated 1.55 g)

Carbohydrates 68.92 gr (of which sugars 4.09 gr)

Fibers 42.5 gr

Protein 9 gr

Salt 0.03 gr
Conservation:   After opening, store in a cool and dry place.



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